Information on our Rock Chip and Scratch Repair System

What Makes Us Different:

  • Our system does not use an air-brush or a paint brush. Our Hybrid Teflon applicator allows you to pack the paint into the Rock chip and scratches.
  • You get a 99% color match.
  • Our proprietary chemicals allow you to achieve an 80% or better fill on almost every Rock chip and scratches.
  • Our system allows you to guarantee your work for the life of the original paint of the vehicles you work on.
  • Thirty minutes after you are done you can wash the vehicle and the paint will not come out of the Rock chip or scratches.
  • You can leave the vehicle with the only true front-line finish in the industry that delivers the wow effect.

These points make you an asset to dealers, help them sell vehicles more quickly, and allow you to reach a virtually untapped retail market. The quality of your repairs will set you light-years ahead of your competition.