Rock Chip and Scratch Repair System

Premier Rock Chip and Scratch Repair System allows you to stand out in the crowd of the old touch-up guys. This system gives you the ability to achieve a 99% color match and an 80% plus fill that you can guarantee for the life of the original paint while never touching the car with an air-brush or paint brush. The days of being just a touch-up guy are gone. The Rock Chip and Scratch Repair system comes with everything you need to do the work. The only things you will have to provide are a laptop and a cordless drill. The Rock Chip and Scratch Repair system includes two days of one-on-one training at our location.

You can make great money! $80,000.00 per year is a very realistic figure!

An average retail price for touch-up is $175.00 or more depending on the severity of the chips and scratches. We have an average retail ticket of $200.00. The time involved is about 45 min. to 1 hour depending on condition of the vehicle.

Dealers are a great way to make a good living. The average dealer price for our system is $110.00 and you can usually do several cars at a time. It is not hard to do 7 cars a day or more on one lot.

Your cost to do a normal rock chip and scratch repair is about $5.00 to $7.00 for paint and material.