Our Chemicals and Proprietary Products:

Enhancing Agent: Gives automotive paint the properties of primer, and increases the solid properties. This allows you to not only get an 80% fill rate but you are then able to offer you customers a permanent repair.

Metallic Modifier: Gives you the ability to do metallic, pearls, and tri-coat paint formulas by suspending the metallic and pearls in the paint to give you a 99% color match.

Barrier Coat: Works with the Enhancing Agent as it dries to solidify the bond between the paint and the bottom of the chip.

Excess Removers: Takes the excess paint down in stages and has dryers in it that gives you the confidence to complete a car without the worry of the paint coming out of the chip.

Scratch Compound: Used in tandem with a cordless drill and 3 in buffing pad you can take out scratches that will even stop your finger nail.

Diamond Cut Wax: This revolutionary wax leaves the vehicle with a smooth and shiny finish, and only takes up to 10 minutes to completely wax a car.

Clean and Clear: Specially developed compound used to make those dull, dingy headlights look bright and clean as new. One bottle will allow you to do over 100 headlights.

Hybrid Teflon Applicator: Allows you to pack the paint into the chips to achieve a better than 80% fill.