If you are a new or used Automotive Dealer You need Premier Chip Repair


Premier Chip Repair offers the Automotive Dealer a new millennium approach to an age-old problem – finally a solution to exterior paint blemishes and imperfections that actually works! Combining 50 years of industry experience and automotive appearance research, the founders of this exciting company are pleased to announce they have developed the solution for the ongoing difficulties dealerships face when it comes to minor exterior auto paint repair and renewal.

Until now, short of a complete body shop repaint, there has never been an adequate treatment for surface scratches, pits and chips. Adhesion, shrinkage, off-color or dull patches all left noticeable traces of “touch up” attempts. At best, a disappointing try to fill the imperfection with close color paint was considered the industry standard and the repair was noticeable.

That is, until now! When Premier Chip Repair combines its’ seven-part proprietary chemical process with an on site ‘factory code’ paint mix using quality automotive paint toners, the results are like nothing seen in the industry! Your employees can regularly eliminate hundreds of chips and scratches in minutes offering a one year+ guarantee, an average of 80% pit fill, an easy 99% color match and a 80% visual removal of all chips and scratches! Premier Chip Repair’s renewal process redefines the “three foot rule” – with Premier Chip Repair it becomes the “inches rule” …you simply have to “not see ” it…to believe it!!

What’s the bottom line for the reconditioning segment of the auto industry? SIMPLY PROFIT! Why send a car to the body shop for simple blemishes and spend hundreds per car and thousands in monthly inventory reconditioning expenses only to be forced to disclose a section of the car has been repainted to the prospect? By the same token, why employ an ” old school ” paint touch up only to be left with an inadequate repair, a noticeable color mismatch, and the obvious complaint that will come from the prospective buyer, “the touch up looks terrible, we will look for a cleaner car.”

Once you are using the Premier Chip Repair, Paint Chip and scratch Repair System, everyone from the Dealer Principal to the Sales force will want his or her cars renewed. The most aggressive of you will be the first in your area to implement this cutting edge technology and offer this cost effective paint renewal to your customers in service, the body shop and roll it into your F&I Department for all customers. This will also work perfectly for a Lease Customer to keep their car perfect and not occur charges at the end of the lease.

The old adage ” He who hesitates is lost”…must have been coined in the auto industry! You have nothing to lose by heisting, but PROFIT!

What the Premier Chip Repair Systems offers;

99% Color Match; We mix to the color code on the vehicle using top quality automotive paint. We developed chemicals that are added to the paint that allows the color to remain the same during excess removal. Gold’s, Silvers, Pearls, Red’s, Tri-coats, Metallic and all colors look great .

80-90% fill; This makes the chips and scratches almost disappear and if you didn’t know they were there you would never notice them.

Permanent Repair; Our chemicals give the paint the same properties as primer, so the repair becomes permanent. One of our employees had a black truck and about six months after doing the chip repair he was over aggressive with a power washer and pealed the factory paint. The only paint left was the paint in the chips applied by the Premier Chip Repair system.

True Front Line Finish; A customer is looking at your vehicles and sees one they like and they start walking toward it. The closer they get to the vehicle the chip and scratch damage becomes a real negative to the customer, they either walk away or expect a large concession from the dealer.

Our Premier Chip Repair System takes that negative away from your customers and in turn allows the sales staff a chance to make the sale.

Increased Profit; The Premier Chip Repair System increases the value of vehicles $500 plus. Vehicles that would normally be wholesaled because of appearance can now be retailed. Less dealer concessions when the vehicle looks great will increases your profit.

Fast turn over; Dealers that have tracked our services tell us vehicles move an average of 15 to 20 days faster, and in most cases within a week of being repaired.

Retail; The Premier Chip Repair System offers the dealership multiple profit centers. Our system allows the dealership to retail to service and body shop customers.

To be competitive in today’s market the vehicles need to look as new as possible.