There are numerous problems with Paint Touch-up Systems on the market today. I will talk about a few here and explain why Premier Chip Repair is the Automotive Paint Touch-up System of the future.

Shrinkage: this problem has haunted the touch-up industry from the beginning. Paint is about 80% solvents. As paint dries, the solvents evaporate and this causes the paint to shrink. As this happens, the paint in the chip pulls up around the edges or Premier Paint 2000 Enhancing Agentgets a dish shape making the chip obvious to the eye.

  • Old Results: the Touch-up looks like hell!
  • The cure: We have developed an Enhancing Agent that we add to the paint that greatly reduces shrinkage and gives the paint a better shine.

Premier Chip Repair Results: 98% of the chips almost disappear and you get a finish that you can be proud of!

Adhesion: Getting the paint to stay on the vehicle has been a major problem. With most Paint Touch-ups, after a few washes most of the paint is gone.Premier Paint 2000 Barrier Coat

  • Old Results: after a few days the vehicle looks like it has never been touched up.
  • The cure: Our Barrier Coat cleans the surface and leaves a microfilm that works with the Enhancing Agent to lock the paint in the chip.

Premier Chip Repair Results: we have vehicles that were touched-up over a year ago that look the same as the day we touched them up.

Metallic color change: Over 70% of the vehicles on the road have metallic or pearl in the color. Metallic and pearl separates from the paint pigments and settles on the bottom. When paint is applied to the chip and the excess paint is removed, the Metallic Modifiercolor is removed with the excess paint.

  • Old Results: the vehicle has silver or very light spots where the chips were, making it very obvious to the eye.
  • The cure: Our Metallic Modifier locks the color pigments, metallic and pearls together.

Premier Chip Repair Results: the high metallic and pearl colors stay the same color and blend in with the original factory color.

Pepper Chips: (Sand Chips) The little chips that are across most all hoods.High Metallic and pearl color

  • Old Results: There are too many so you just leave them, or have the hood repainted.
  • The cure: Our chemicals fill the pepper chips and make them go away.

Premier Chip Repair Results: The car has a new car look.

Dull finish: With most paint Touch-up Systems the finish of the paint is a dull finish.

  • Old Results: Dull spots in the finish or extra time polishing the vehicle to remove the dull look. However, when you polish you sometimes remove the paint you just put in the chip!
  • The cure: Our Excess Paint Remover has special additives that leaves the vehicle with a finish that most of the time is better than the original. Without polishing!

Premier Chip Repair Results: less mess and time spent finishing the job, equal’s more profits!

Minor Scratches: Every vehicle that goes thru a detail shop has minor surface scratches that will not come out with out wet sanding and buffing.

  • Old Results: Take a paint brush and try to fill scratch, or just leave them.
  • The Cure: We have developed a scratch compound that when used with our special buffer removes without wet sanding. we are even taking out some scratches that stop your finger nail.

Premier Chip Repair Results: 90% of the surface scratches disappear and do not come back.

I have addressed the major problems of Auto Paint Touch Up. There are many more too numerous to mention. There is no magic cure for chips, but we have the best repair and get the most fill of any System on the market, other than a new paint job.