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 Here are a few testimonials from some of our specialist around the country.

To: Mark Herzberg

Subject: RE:

To whom it may concern

We are very happy with the Premier Chip Repair system. We have used the system for our pre-owned car lot as well as for our body shop customers. The pre-owned car salesmen are amazed with the results. We have had cars that have been on the lot for weeks, if not longer, done the Premier Paint to them and they have sold that evening or next day. It takes a average looking car & makes it look like an above average car that has been well cared for.

We have customers that have upper end cars, such as BMW & Mercedes Benz that don’t want the value diminished by paint work done on their car. We have done the Premier Paint & they have been very pleased. The system gives our customers a another avenue of repair.

I believe , Premier Paint 2000 is the most advanced cosmetic repair system available.


Husker Auto Group






Subject: Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern

I bought the chip repair system in Sept. 2005 as an add on to my Windshield Repair business and almost immediately it became the largest portion of my business currently at least 80% of my income. I initially bought the system because Car dealers are the market I work in. Rick & Phil impressed me as two men with the most thorough knowledge of the Car Business of anyone I have met. With their combined fifty years plus in auto sales they really knew not only what the dealers want for end product but also how to easily market yourself in such a way that the dealer gives you the business.

I used to drive from dealer to dealer and traveled quite a bit competing with dozens of other guys doing the same thing. I made a good living but traveled 100-200 miles a day. Time in the car seat doesn’t make you money. With the Chip and Scratch repair system I purchased I now tend to go to one dealer per day and do $400-$600 per stop and drive very little per day I would recommend the system to anyone its easy to learn and takes less than an hour per car to do on the average. They really are giving out free money you better get you some.


Owner Glass Starz




I would like to take the time to tell you how our new adventure with Premier Chip Repair is taking off. We started this new adventure on January 6, 2003. The first week we did a ton of demos for our dealerships and showed them what our system could do verses our competitors. The managers and owners of the dealerships were amazed at what we could do. With just one demo they told us to fix the whole car lot, anything and everything that needed to be done. We are the only vender that is aloud at almost all of our dealerships.

We are currently completely reconditioning vehicles from scratches to bumper work to dents to interior repair to the plastic inside. Your products have made us able to be better than anyone in our area. We are currently working anywhere from 15-20 vehicles a day. Our workday starts at about 8:00 am and we finish at around 6:30 pm. I have to say I used to put a couple of thousand miles on my vehicle in a week doing just paintless dent removal and now I am only putting a couple hundred a week on my vehicle doing the reconditioning. I do not ho near as much running around. I stay at one dealership for half the day and move onto another one in the afternoon. There is no more running around from dealership to dealership to find work.

Rick I would like for you and everyone else to know that you have created a wonderful product and kits to help anyone get started. We had some paint experience however I believe even my wife can operate your touch-up system. HA! HA! We wish you and your business the best for 2003! Ours has taken off to a wonderful start! Thanks again!

Chris (owner)
And the L4 gang
Bonaire, GA



Manager of Nissan of Englewood CO., was previously using another company before he saw our system. He liked it immediately but was still skeptical and kept the other company on as well as us. After a couple weeks he was convinced. There was a sweet BMW that came in and he called me specifically and said he didn’t want the other company to touch that car. After that day the other company was no longer doing their lot.

Manager of Kia of Englewood CO., I offered a free demo and he said there was a lady the day before that said the same thing, but after the demo he said he would never pay for a touch up like that. So if I thought our touch up was better go ahead. After the demo he was amazed and said I would be doing all his touch up from now on.

Manager of Lexus of Littleton CO was very hard to persuade to look at a demo. Finally after many tries he let me do one. It was side by side and the same color as the one the other guys had done earlier. The result was Quote “fXXXXXX way better”. We now do all their touch ups.

Mercedes Benz of Littleton CO., Manager Neil Saudi. Saw the demo and asked how much. When I told him he said it was more than he paid, but he was willing to pay more for a better product. We now do all their touch ups.

Color Touch Inc




I have been using the Premier Chip Repair system almost 2 years. I do almost all retail. I do chip repair and bumper repair. I have gotten only great comments on the chip repairs. A person came in last week for a second touch up. He had some new chips. The ones I did over a year ago were still in good condition. I do a large amount of bumper repair on the retail side. I get $125 for a corner blend and $200 for a repaint. I work from a fixed location. The dealers I have say the chip repairs are the best they have seen with very good color match. I charge on average $75 a vehicle to do paint chip repair. When I do dealers they drop their cars at my shop or I do a pick up and return. They think the scratch compound is the best. On the retail side things are somewhat steady. I also do glass chip, and offer a full line of detail services. When I do a chip or bumper repair I offer to clean their car up for $89 to $119.


Hi guys,
We would be most happy to tell you about our new business using the Premier Chip Repair system. We had little knowledge and absolutely no experience in paint touch up when we purchased your system. We started our new business in Nov of 2002 and in two short days with your help we acquired four dealers in Joplin MO, Pittsburgh KS and Ft. Scott KS. Our dealers love our system and us and we are the only touch-up people at our dealers’ lots. In the near future we will probably add the Bumper system because our dealers are asking for us to do their bumper repairs.

We are charging $65 per car and sometimes up charge for the cars that need extra work. We were instant professionals at paint touch up with your system and it out performs other systems and mobile techs that have been doing paint touch up for years. We appreciate your support and the monthly newsletters.

Thanks again.
Dave and Tim
New Wave Paints


Sandifar Associates

Dear Rick,

I’m an Accountant turned Salesman. Let me tell you how that happened. I was asked by your General Manager, Phil Staton, to take a look at your books and see it I could save you money on your company’s taxes. In order to best serve your company, it was necessary for me to learn what you did, how you made money and the cost involved in each step of your operation.

I was impressed with your operation, your attitude toward your dealers and your commitment to continued support and product improvement. But the real eye opener cam when you referred several of your dealers to me to handle their taxes. Every one of them was making fantastic money on a very small investment. I went out and watched several of them perform the touch-ups and looked at their backgrounds. Not a one of them had ever been in the touch-up business or even the automobile business, but they were on pace to make $75,000 to $100,000 per year. Those with multiple systems were making $4,000 to $5,000 per month per system with out having to do the work themselves.

The fact that you set up their first three or four car dealers for them, provided them with training and offered continuing technical support at no addition cost blew me away. I have over 300 tax clients in every possible business you can imagine. I have been doing this for over 30 years and I have never seen a business that made so much money with so little investment and no experience. I saw truck drivers, insurance salesmen, construction workers, car salesmen and mechanics making more money than they had ever made. No selling, no concern about repeat business, just show up for work every day. I had to get in to this.

That is how I came to ask you to let me travel the country for you, selling your system. I have seen proof that it is better than any system available and truly an assured moneymaker.

Larry L. Sandifar, Sr.



Dear Rick,

I had to take a minute to brag about your system and my success. As you know, I bought your system at the end of March 2003. I moved to Las Vegas on the 1st of April 2003, not knowing anyone except my mother, in the entire state of Nevada. I was a Mortgage Broker in Indiana and had always dreamed of moving to Las Vegas, but did not know how I was going to make a living, and I was hesitant to give up my successful brokerage. After my uncle showed me your system and told me of the success of your other dealers, I decided it was my ticket to Vegas. I have a degree in education, and had never worked with paint or anything mechanical, but I learned to use your system in just two days.

Larry came out to Las Vegas on April 20, 2003 and called on the new car dealers and got me two accounts. I told him to stop there, because I wanted to see how much volume each of them was going to give me , and quite honestly, because I wanted to have time to play poker. By the middle of May I was up to six cars a day four days per week. By the end of May I was up to eight cars per day.

County Ford was my biggest dealer. They had a larger lot, moving over 200 cars per month, on West Sahara. Two weeks ago the Used Car Manager called me at home and told me he was taking over the larger lot, and he was taking me with him. Imagine my excitement when we walked the lot and he had 62 cars for me to do the first week! That was on top of the 25 cars I had been doing at the first lot. I have since hired a man to help me and I will be ordering a second system next month. I went from hoping to make $75,000 per year to being on pace to make $200,000 per year. By the end of the year I will be up to three and maybe four systems. I can have as many dealers as I can handle, because they love the way their cars look when I am done. Even the body shops on all three lots are bringing me their customers’ cars to do.

Thank you for your support and for developing a system that is such a moneymaker. If you need a reference just tell them to call me. I am living proof of what a non-mechanical person can do with your system.


Perfect Match




Dear Rick

Following are a couple of comments from major dealers in the greater Kansas City area where we have been their exclusive touch-up techs for last six months:

One conveyed they are now able to buy or trade for used cars which are of less value because of appearance, and after we complete the touch-up using Premier Chip Repair system, they are able to sell the cars at a premium; the same as cars in the past which they had acquired with a better appearance. This has created a better profit margin for them and we have been told we have become “essential” to this dealer’s business.

Also another Icon dealer in this same area stated they have never had a touch-up company make a chip or scratch on a NEW vehicle totally “disappear” and “last” for the life of the car, unless it was sent to a body shop. This has saved them hundreds of dollars on a new car delivery and makes this dealer very happy and profitable.