Our premier pilot system gives you the chance to own the best paint chip and scratch repair system on the market at a cost comparable to low cost touch-up systems. We have stream lined our system to make it affordable to everyone. If you can follow simple written instructions to train your self this is for you. If you find that you still need or want one on one training we can arrange that for an additional fee at our  location.

Do your homework you will find we are the best in the business with an impeccable reputation.

Premier Chip & Scratch Repair

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Pilot Airless

List of supplies and Equipment



Base Colorant Paint System (4 oz most used colors 2 oz less used colors)

Pearl System (1/2 0z)

1 Gal Barrier Coat

1 Gal. Excess Remover

8 OZ Paint Enhancing Agent

4 OZ Metallic Modifier

16 OZ Scratch Compound

16 OZ Diamond Cut Wax

2 Teflon Hybrid Squeegees

144 Mixing Bottles

10 Injection applicators

Digital “1/100th” Gram Scale W/Adapter

**Buffer Assembly for Cordless Drill

Shop Towels on a roll

3- 8oz Bottles W/Lid

Color retrieval software for mixing paint by color code on car (downloaded)

Sanding block

1 Tool Box

Detailed step by step instructions

Technical Support

**18 volt Cordless drill not included.

Training is available at our location for additional fee.

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