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The “Economic Report” show to feature Premier Paint 2000, Inc.

October 7, 2008, Deerfield Beach, FL – The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that Premier Paint 2000 will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s series on Best and Unique Business Opportunities for the 21st Century: Be Your Own Boss.

America’s love affair with the automobile continues. A recent study by the Department of Transportation indicates there are more than a quarter-billion registered passenger vehicles in the U.S. Eight million new cars and trucks were bought in the last year alone. But while Americans still love their cars, it appears the honeymoon, at least, may be over.

As the economy sputters, car and truck owners are opting to keep their vehicles longer. More than 60% of vehicles on the road are age seven or older, and drivers are increasingly turning to automotive appearance specialists to keep their vehicles looking younger.

Premier Paint 2000™ has made it its mission to help entrepreneurs cash in on the $750 million automotive appearance industry.. The company not only offers licensed use of its systems to auto chip and scratch repair specialists, it also helps them secure market opportunities. Start-ups gain access to Premier Paint 2000™’s seven proprietary products and equipment line as well as extensive training and support. Specialists also learn how to tap the retail repair market. Appearance specialists are finding a majority of their business now comes from automobile dealers. Dealers know that to compete in today’s market, a vehicle has to look as new as possible, and appearance specialists are the best option to recondition their trade-in vehicles.

Premier Paint claims its specially formulated chemicals achieve a permanent repair, with better color match and the highest level of fill on most chips and scratches. The company’s system enables appearance specialists to guarantee repairs for the life of the original paint.

In a market where repair specialists are sometimes driven to lower prices in order to increase business, Premier Paint’s protégés are able to stand their ground and often charge more. The reason, say company officials, is the quality of the final product

“As in any market, if you develop a better product than the status quo you will be a success,” said Rick Wray, CEO of Premier Paint 2000. “We have invested a great deal of time, research and expense in the development of a system that is far superior to the competition and that has given our specialists a great advantage in the market place.”

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First Water-borne Clear Coat that Beats EPA Standards

October 7, 2008

Lenexa, KS – Two Kansas companies, Premier Paint 2000, Inc. & C3 Technology, LLC. along with Tech Line Coatings, Inc. in California are proud to introduce the first water-borne clear coat on the automotive paint market. This technology breakthrough is years ahead of the competition and exceeds EPA standards.

California and Canada’s new environmental policies have pushed companies to create products that match or exceed new regulations. In both, California and Canada, auto shops are facing strict changes to VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission rules by the end of this year. South Coast California Air Quality District (AQMD) now requires that multi-stage clear coats have a 250g/L (2.1 lb./gal.) VOC emissions rating or better. AQMD, Rule 1151 ( went into effect July 01, 2008, with complete conversion expected by December 31, 2008. Canada’s new regulation matches California’s, but won’t be required until 2010. Single-stage clear coats will require 340 g/L (2.8 lb./gal.) emission rating in California, 420 g/L (3.5 lb./gal.) in Canada. WBCC falls into the single application category of 1.2 lb./gal. VOC, well below EPA, California and Canada’s standards!

Water-borne paint is the best environmental option on the market. Several paint manufacturers anticipated the change well over a decade ago and have technology, equipment and training available for auto shops in transition when it comes to toner, but none of these companies thought to produce one of the most important steps in painting a vehicle, the clear coat. It’s what makes a Corvette or a Ford F150 shine the brightest.

Premier Paint 2000 owner, Rick Wray, did predict the need and the change. While automotive paint leaders are in the beginning phases of development and are years away from a product, the group is in its final testing period, ready to sell, WBCC, Tomorrow’s Technology TODAY!

Testing proves WBCC is durable to environmental stresses, is compatible with all water-borne and solvent based paints, and provides a shine that matches or exceeds current market standards. A very important feature of WBCC is the absence of any isocyanates. A chemical that has been proven to cause medical conditions from asthma to cancer.

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