Overall, there were an estimated 243,023,485 registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a 2004 DOT study. In the year 2001, the National Automobile Dealers Association conducted a study revealing the average age of vehicles in operation in the US. The study found that of vehicles in operation in the US, 38.3% were older than ten years, 22.3% were between seven and ten years old, 25.8% were between three and six years old and 13.5% were less than two years old. According to this study the majority of vehicles, 60.6%, of vehicles were older than seven years in 2001. In addition there are over 4 million vehicles sold each year in the US with an average price $24,500.

What this means is people are keeping their vehicles longer. This makes the Automotive Appearance Industry a 650 billion dollar a year industry because people want their vehicle to look as new as possible. Dealerships need to recondition their trade in vehicles in order to resell them.

Why Choose Premier Chip Repair

We at Premier Chip Repair have developed a technologically advanced Paint Chip and Scratch Repair System that is like none other on the market today. When you become a Premier Chip Repair Specialist, you will be able to:

1. Charge an average of $40 more than your competitors and 95% of the time take their accounts.

2. Achieve a 99% color match with an 80%+ fill which makes the repair almost invisible.

3. Guarantee the repair for a year. (Most of our specialists guarantee the repair for the life of the factory paint.)

4. Get the only true front line finish in the industry, which will give you the WOW effect. (What your customers say when they see the finished product.)

5. You will set the standards for paint chip and scratch repair.

Premier Chip Repair enjoys an 60% success ratio verses an industry standard of 30%, achieved in part by the finest hands on training and on going technical support that never ends. We constantly look for new ways and products to keep our Specialists ahead of the competition.

Our Specialists average from $70.000 to $125,000 a year with some making over $250,000 a year.

Premier Paint 2000® has an impeccable reputation in the industry and is recognized by Sherwin-Williams, Matrix and PPG, leaders in the automotive paint industry.

Remember, if you are not a success we are not a success! We strive to make you a success.

Experience and Expertise

Premier Chip Repair has over 50 Years combined experience in the Automotive Industry. Our advanced System was developed in 1998 and we have over 350 Specialist throughout the US and Foreign Countries.

After your training you will have the expertise, knowledge and confidence to become a success in the ever-growing Automotive Appearance Industry.