Letter From : Rick Wray

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our specialists across the United States and foreign markets for their hard work that has made them a success and Premier Chip Repair a leader in the industry.

We at Premier Chip Repair are dedicated and committed to the success of our people by providing the best training, marketing, equipment and business programs available to develop the skills necessary to make you a success in the automotive appearance industry.As in any market segment if you develop a better product than the status quo you will be a success. We have invested a great deal of time, research and expense in the development of a system that is far superior to the competition and that has given our specialists a great advantage in the market place.

We at Premier Chip Repair take great pride in running our business in a straightforward and honest approach.Your success is highly dependent on the quality and integrity of the company you invest in when you start a new business.

We are that company and that’s our Commitment to you.AR173

Striving to help you succeed,

Rick Wray